Wine Walk 2017

Here’s where you’ll find answers to your questions and details about the Wine Walk


For those new to the Wine Walk, here’s what to expect. You will pick up your Wine Walk bag at the Main Street Office sometime next week. The bags are color coded- GREEN for the Early Flight and ORANGE for the Late Flight.

Inside the Wine Walk Bag, you’ll find a color-coded bracelet- that’s your ticket for the event! Wear it all evening to identify yourself to the Merchants that you are a bona fide Wine Walker!

You will also have a MAP and a WINE WALK CARD in the Bag. The CARD will tell you which “team” you’re assigned to and where you need to report to begin the Walk. The first stop on your CARD is where you start. Your team is named for a former winning Derby Horse, and this is the group that you will tour with for the next two hours.

For example, you might be on team NYQUIST, the winning horse from 2016. The NYQUIST group is an EARLY FLIGHT group starting at the Shoppes at The Old Mill. Park your cars on Sugartree Street and arrive at the Shoppes at the Old Mill by 5:25pm on Friday May 5th with your Wine Walk Bag in hand! YOU’RE READY TO BEGIN THE WINE WALK!

Any team starting at the Shoppes at the Old Mill will have the first Trolley ride of the evening. The trolley will depart about 15 minutes after the start of the walk and take you “uptown” to For a Song and a Story and Kava Haus. The trolley continues in a loop around town all night to help move walkers around town. Hop off and on all evening at no charge! Just be sure to display your Wine Walk bracelet and Bag to the driver.

If you miss the Trolley start walking to your next destination and you’ll see it come around again!

While strolling through downtown you may encounter some strolling musicians! These are local musicians hired for the evening, and you can show ’em a little love with a cash tip if you’d like!

Main Street is closed for the evening between Mulberry and South Streets, including the mural parking lot behind the General Denver. This entertainment district has 5 of the 16 Wine Walk stops, as well as some other attractions. You can take a rest at the Mural Parking Lot and buy a piece of Derby pie from Pup Pies or purchase a soft drink or water from the Mural Concession stand.

Take selfies and use the hashtag #winewalk2017 and #WWderbyhats if you’re entering the hat contest. (See more details about the hat contest by scrolling down).  Share your fun with the world on Instagram and Facebook and tag us!

What if my group can’t make it to all the stops?

That’s okay! It’s more important to have fun and keep moving around town than it is to hit all stops. Use your Wine Walk Card to mark the stops where you’ve visited and the wines you enjoyed the most!

All Wine Walk foot traffic is directed to move counter-clockwise around the Map to help prevent congestion, follow the order of stops on your card and keep moving!


INSTA: #winewalk2017  #WWderbyhats @mainstreetwilmi

FACEBOOK: @DowntownWilmington

How and When do I pick up my Tickets/ Wine Walk Bags?

Your receipt is your “ticket” and you bring your receipt and photo ID to the Main Street Office the week of May 1st to redeem for your official 2017 Wine Walk Swag Bag. Darcy and Julie will be at the Main Street Office to register Walkers throughout the week with daytime and evening hours (SEE BELOW). You will receive a swag bag for each walker in your group, and the color coded bags will contain a matching event bracelet, wine glass, map and starting point. Your color designates whether you are an Early or Late Flight Wine Walker.

We cannot release bags to people other than the ticket purchaser unless we have an email from the ticket purchaser with the name and contact information of the pickup person. This consent must be in writing from the ticket purchaser by APRIL 19th so we can verify prior to the Wine Walk.

We will have a bag pickup the night of the event at the Mural Concession stand, but we encourage you to pick up during the week of May 1st to avoid any problems. 


MONDAY MAY 1st: 5-7pm
TUESDAY MAY 2nd: 8am- 5pm
WEDNESDAY MAY 3rd: 5-7pm
THURSDAY MAY 4th: 8am-4pm
FRIDAY MAY 5th: Mural Concession Stand starting at 4:00 pm

Starting Point and Route

Each group will be assigned a starting point and route. Please arrive at your starting point about 5 minutes prior to the walk and be sure to have your wine walk bag with the wine glass and map. We won’t have extras so be prepared! The TROLLEY will be available starting at The Shoppes at the Old Mill to transport walkers up to Locust Street to Kava Haus and For a Song and a Story. The TROLLEY will make a continuous loop around town and will keep moving, so if you miss it just wait, (or start walking)- it will be around again soon!

Keep your WINE WALK bag and BRACELET on during the walk- it is your “ticket” to each merchant shop and they’ll look for the correct color of bag and bracelet for each walker at the pour.

Restroom breaks

There are public restrooms at the City Building at the corner of South and Locust Streets, at Fiesta Veracruz, inside of the Samuel Walker Building (Rome Jewelers and Everyday Chic Boutique) and at some of the stops. Not every merchant has a restroom so plan accordingly!

Rain or Shine!

Come prepared for ANY weather- this is a “rain or shine” event! And remember- you’re walking quite a bit so leave the heels and home and walk in comfort!

Derby Hat Contest

INSTAGRAM ONLY contest- only one entry per person! Post your picture of you and your friends on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK and we’ll pick the top three hats for a WIN PLACE and SHOW in the Derby hat contest! You must tag the post #winewalk2017  and  #WWderbyhats and mention@mainstreetwilmi to be eligible to WIN!!

Courtesy Notes

The Merchants have put a lot of work into this evening and prepared food pairings for the wine. Please be considerate of their space and each other. Don’t arrive early or “overstay your welcome” at any one stop and everyone will have a chance to enjoy this fabulous evening of wine tasting!

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