Summer 2017 in Wilmington is going to rock- despite the weather!

As I sit here in my office listening to another thunderstorm rolling in and the sudden torrents of rain I have to wonder “Will it EVER feel like summer in Ohio?!” I am sure you are all thinking the same thing, trying to figure out just when you’re going to have a chance to mow that lawn or if your weekend parties and Memorial Day Parades are going to be rained out again (our forecast looks good for Monday’s Parade)!

But at least the rain is good for our flowers! Next week the downtown will burst into color as the DWCIC sponsored flower baskets get hung up along Main and South Streets. VOLUNTEERS help keep the flowers watered all summer, and we’re always accepting applications for VOLUNTEERS. CLICK HERE to sign up to VOLUNTEER with Main Street Wilmington!

Flower Basket

And June kicks off with the beloved Banana Split Festival at the Denver Park on June 9th & 10th. This is not a Main Street event- it is organized by the ROTARY CLUB, but we added it to our calendar so everyone can download the details and visit their super cute website!

Looking forward to our first summer party- 3rd Friday Mural Party JUNE 16th

Well, no matter what we had fun at the Wine Walk this year, right?! Nevertheless, it would be nice to have a balmy summer night for our first party at the Mural June 16th. Just putting that wish out there!

We have an awesome local band lined up, great food vendors scheduled, and volunteers ready to pop the top on a cold one for you after work at the Mural Concession Stand!

Please join us! And to make your life easier, we’re accepting credit cards this year and selling beer tickets to move the lines along quicker. Woot!

3rd Friday Mural Party Dirty Water Dog Band


Be sure to stay on top of all the Main Street Events this summer- you can download to your iPhone or Android and never miss a thing! Thanks to MODERN TRIBE for the awesome EVENTS CALENDAR Plug-in for WordPress!

Go Bananas JUNE 9 & 10!

Although The BANANA SPLIT FESTIVAL is not a Main Street Wilmington event, we’re getting a lot of phone calls about it. The organizers are the Rotary and AM Rotary of Wilmington, and they have an awesome website where you can get all the festival details! CLICK below to go to that website!

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