What’s something you love? SHOPPING!

Everyday Chic Boutique owner Karli Harris is a 26-year-old female entrepreneur is Wilmington-born & raised. She graduated from Wilmington College with a double major in Business Marketing & Graphic Design. While in school she worked for the Wright-Patt Credit Union in town, then was promoted to the corporate office in the small business lending department.

“This sparked my interest in becoming an entrepreneur, so I developed a marketing plan and started doing some research. My father is an entrepreneur and told me ‘You can work 80 hours a week or yourself and be happier than working 40 hours for someone else.’ When I approached the lending officers at WPCU and told them I wanted to be an entrepreneur, they asked me “What’s something you love?” And I said “SHOPPING!”

She started online only at first, then started doing events to see if there was an interest in what she had to offer. Karli held Everyday Chic Boutique Pop-Up shops at Cassano’s, Beauty Bar and other venues test-markets. She opened her first shop in the space next to the old Cassano’s in what is now Fiesta Veracruz in 2015. Everyday Chic Boutique just celebrated their two year anniversary last week!

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Karli Harris-“Girl Boss”- one of many Female Entrepreneurs in Wilmington

Karli started at 24, fresh out of college, so she had doubts because she had a good job at the Credit Union. Her advice to others:

“Follow your heart and your intuition. People may not understand what you’re trying to do. Reach out to organizations that can help you like the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Wilmington and network with other like-minded businesses. There’s a lot to be learned!”

Located in the Beautiful Historic Samuel Walker Building on Main Street.

Once the Pattery was gone, I wanted a downtown gift shop stuff made in the USA. There is great parking & accessibility at this building at the corner of Main and Mulberry Streets. Everyday Chic Boutique is about more than great fashion- it’s also a great gift shop and home goods destination.

“I wanted to be part of the Wine Walk and all downtown events. I found this huge space in the Samuel Walker building and partnered up with Rome Jewelers.”

The renovation was beautiful, and if you’ve never seen it stop in during this year’s Wine Walk, Friday, April 5th!

The expanded space provides Karli with the opportunity to offer more variety in inventory and create a shopping experience unique to Wilmington. She has a team of buyers that help including her fashionable Mom and friend Lorin Victor, another “Girl Boss” who just opened Salon Mane. Her mom offers great advice for buying for more mature women. Lorin and Karli just went to Vegas show with her to buy for the new season, and everything is different. Some trends that Karli sees are: Cold-shoulder is still popular, and new trends include: Off the shoulder, Chambray Platform shoes, 70’s vibe-high-waisted bell bottom jean.

What about the Shoes?!

Soooo many great styles! BED|STU brand has handmade- distressed boots boot sandals, loafers, peep toe wedges. Tie-Up criss-cross gladiator sandal. Booties- shoe to wear all year long. Chunky heels are popular, flat sneakers too!

But Wait- There’s More in the Back of the store!

Walk to the back of the store, and you’ll encounter a super- cute gift shop with themed areas and baby & bridal shower items. You’ll find cute little gifts, and a small inventory of each item so they stay fresh and unique. Karli Attends four different markets and hand- selects all items. And there’s a couch and TV for the guys! She carries Sports Themed Tees & Ohio wear. Everything is constantly changing, and the best way to stay on top of what’s in store is ECB’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Stop in and meet Karli and her team of local fashionistas!


Everyday Chic Boutique is open seven days a week!
M-F 11-6
SAT 10-6
SUN 11-3

INSTA: @everydaychicboutique
FB: @everydaychicboutique
ONLINE SHOP: everydaychicboutique.com

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