Flowers add beauty to Main, South, and Locust Streets

You may have seen Trevor Shoemaker and me out this week with some hearty volunteers, walking the downtown area and visiting the new flower baskets that grace our fair city. The 48 flower baskets were a generous donation by the DWCIC and stunning floral baskets were created by Swindler Florists. Thanks to the City of Wilmington for hanging the new baskets and providing us with water for the flowers for our downtown beautification project.

It takes two people about an hour and a half to water all the baskets, and on a beautiful day like today, it was quite fun! We had the opportunity to drive on the sidewalks, stop and chat with people, work on our suntans, and tidy up the downtown sidewalks and storefronts a bit. It’s a great way to get re-connected with downtown if you don’t have the opportunity to so on a regular basis.

The flowers need watering on a regular basis or they will dry out and die. We rely on Volunteers from Slyman Nationwide InsuranceWilmington Friends Meeting, and Ohio Living Cape May to help us with this task and still have some openings for volunteers who want to make a significant impact in their hometown. Let us know if you can help out, even if it’s just for a few days this summer- the flowers (and Main Street Wilmington) will thank you! Email us at or call 937-382-2737

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