Comfort and Caring Support at Brown Funeral Home

Billy Arehart and Kevin Brown are long-time Clinton County residents who recently opened Brown Funeral Home at 237 W. Main Street, in historic downtown Wilmington in the old Murphy house.

Planning a funeral and talking about end-of-life wishes may seem difficult, but with these two make it much easier. Billy is the self-described “hugger”, and a big bear hug from him is sure to make you feel comforted! Kevin is warm and professional and will help guide you through the process of planning a funeral with grace and compassion. Together they make an awesome team who will customize any service for you and your loved ones.

“A traditional type of funeral was a night or two of visitation, then a funeral service, followed by travel to the cemetery for an in-ground burial. Funeral services have changed a lot in the past 10-15 years, and a large part of that is that the Catholic Church has accepted cremation as a form of final disposition.”- Funeral Home Director Kevin Brown

There are more options now that fit every family’s needs, wishes and budget. Traditional funeral services have in the past had a lot of costs associated with them- casket, vault, burial plot in a cemetery, you have to pay to have that grave space opened and closed, not to mention the funeral service costs. There is a significant difference in the cost of cremation and traditional burial, and more families are opting for cremation. This is a trend that we are seeing here in Clinton County as well as across the country.

A celebration of life or a traditional memorial service can be tailored to your wishes in the beautiful historic Brown Funeral Home or could be held at an off-site location that has important significance to the family.

Pre-Planning is becoming more popular

Pre-arranging funeral services are made as enjoyable as possible at Brown Funeral Home. While I was there taking some photos and talking with Billy Arehart, a family was meeting with Kevin Brown in the office, and I heard a lot of laughter and lively discussion. As I mentioned before, these two make a great team to help you through these difficult discussions and actually make it enjoyable.

Pre-arranging does not mean you have to pay for everything up front, and people typically spend less money on themselves during the pre-planning than their families would when faced with decisions at the time of death. This is the time to craft the service as you would want it, and to make sure that details are expressed and recorded so that during an emotional time nothing is overlooked.

Veterans are respectfully remembered and given all the military honors that are due to them, and the funeral director and staff will handle arranging those details so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Brown Funeral Home will also work with families of veterans to provide a discount on services.

Grief Support

Everyone grieves differently, and Brown Funeral Home will do what they can even after the service is over to help support the bereaved family. They have many resources for continued bereavement support online and with groups in the area

They are looking into creating a bereavement support service with a community member who has expressed interest in doing this.

Historic Home is Beautifully Restored

Maxine and Fred Murphy, the great-aunt and uncle of Billy Arehart were the original owners of the home built in 1913. The home is restored and updated and is a living tribute to the Murphy Family. Some of the original furnishings have been restored and re-upholstered and the draperies designed by Jeannie’s Palo Fabrics. Almost all of the work was done by local people, and it is absolutely beautiful! Billy and Kevin encourage residents to stop by and take a look at this beautiful, historic home, meet Kevin and Billy- and get a free hug while you’re there!

Brown Funeral Home
237 W. Main Street
Wilmington, OH 45177
Tel: 937-382-2247
Fax: 937-382-2249


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